Reaching To Aspire People Of God
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The Kingdom Of God Within

Our friendships build a fortress;
a haven for our souls...
we share our trials and triumphs,
our hopes, our dreams, our goals.

We are women for the Kingdom
blessed with God’s eternal light...
determined to walk straighter,
loving Him, with all our might.

We serve Him with conviction,
striving hard to be our best...
as we rise to every challenge,
we welcome every test.

We are women of tomorrow
we are women of today...
we stand in faith together
knowing "God will make a way".
Reaching To Aspire People Of God
Women Touching The World
by the
Kingdom Of God
Kingdom Of God

The Kingdom of God is the dominion of God within a believer by way of the Holy Spirit.  The presence of God within a person occupied as His body habitation.  That presence releases to the vessel the Godhead's embodiment, all the benefits, provisions, and power characteristic of Creator God and His eternal Kingdom.  The embodiment releases the hand of God to move and exercise His authority of Jesus Christ upon the world as their ruler of God's kingdom and His heavens.
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